Foil Stamping & Embossing

Werner Printing & Engraving offers a wide variety of options when it comes to foil stamping your design. Foil stamping is the process by which a heated die is pressed into foil causing the foil to adhere to a variety of papers. Foil stamping your design can be combined with many other processes we offer here at Werner such as engraving, digital printing, thermography, and die-cutting. This process can also be combined with embossing.

Products that are commonly foil stamped and embossed:

  • Business cards: Black stock accompanied by metallic, white or gold foil is by far our most popular request.
  • Wedding Invitation Suites: Save-The-Date, Invitation, RSVP, Reception Card, Direction Card, Accommodations Card, Thank You card, Menu, program, & table card
  • Envelopes: Personal stationery, commercial stationery, and custom sizes
  • Certificates/Diplomas
  • Seals
  • Letterheads
  • Custom Marketing Materials
  • Post Cards
  • Notecards
  • Memo Pads

Embossing, Debossing and Blind Embossing; what is the difference?
Embossing uses a die (can be combined with ink or foil) to press a design into paper causing the image to scale above the paper. Debossing is when the image sinks into the paper. If ink or foil is not used in combination with the die, this is considered blind embossing or blind debossing. Whether you are combining ink and/or foil with the die, embossing or debossing is a remarkable way to make your design stand out.

Available types of foils with varied finishes and colors that we offer:

  • Matte: This can be an option if you are looking for subtlety and legibility.
  • Metallic Silver or Gold: Recommended if you desire something really eye-catching.
  • Gloss: Recommended for logos such as those on pocket folders or brochures. This finish is best for anything not requiring a fine type or intricate detail.
  • Clear: Offers a subtle yet classy look to your finished product; commonly requested on the back of business cards to leave an understated but lasting impression with your clients.
Foil Stamping