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A raised ink printing technique where the ink is transferred from a copper plate to the paper using intense pressure. The fibers of the paper are broken leaving a mark on the back referred to as a bruiseĀ. The ink remains on the surface of the paper giving the printing a tactile finish and is considered the highest level of quality.


Offset Lithography

Litho Business Card

The most common form of printing, offset lithography (flat printing) transfers ink to paper using a thin, metal plate. The image area is the same level as the non-image area. Lithography can produce a crisp, clean image at a lower cost.


Digital Printing

Without the need for the plates and make-ready of traditional flat printing, digital printing allows for “on demand”, short turn around and cost effective low quantity runs.



Thermography is a process which applies a plasticized to offset ink while it’s still wet on the paper. Under high heat the powder melts only over the wet ink, resulting in a raised effect. In order to protect the image when exposed to subsequent heat, as in laser printers, the process is cured under a UV light.



Letterpress is relief printing. It involves locking movable type into the bed of a press, inking it, and rolling or pressing paper against it to form an impression.


Foil Stamping

An adhesive backed foil is stamped onto paper using a metal die. The die is heated which releases the foil under the impact of the press. This can be combined with embossing as well to give the piece a raised image.


Blind Embossing

A non-inked process by which a metal die (either a single level, multi-level or sculpted) is used under pressure and heat to impress paper either above its surface (Embossing) or below its surface (Debossing) or both (Multi-Level).


Die Cutting

A process by which a metal die cuts paper under pressure to replicate art or various shapes.


Jet press for Specialized Envelope Printing

The Jet Press prints the front and flap of an envelope in one pass (up to a #10 size).


Epson 4800 Proofing Press

Our proofing press offers specialized banner printing up to 175 ft in length.



We have equipment to perforate, score and number in house.


Design Collaboration

As producers of multiple graphics methods such as Engraving, Foil Stamping & Embossing we are highly skilled and experienced in collaborating with design professionals as creative projects evolve through the development process through final printing.



We offer a full scope of bindery including assembly, cutting, inspection and packaging.



In most offices, storage capacity is both limited and expensive so we offer programs by which we hold in inventory finished products that can be released immediately upon ordering. In most cases these programs are complimentary and allow our customers to take advantage of the significant unit cost savings provided by longer production runs.



Refers to the assembly, packaging and shipping capabilities of warehoused customer owned products for distribution to a provided customer list. Specifically, we provide specialty services for all sizes of mailings and assembly/shipping