Meet the Staff

It takes a full staff to run a printing company. From acquiring business to inputting orders, from setting the layout and proofing the design, to gathering the materials needed for the job; there are multiple steps in the life cycle of a project. Each stage has it’s own department, and each department has it’s own staff. Below you will learn about some of the many lives involved at Werner Printing & Engraving Co.


Robert Werner has worked at Werner Printing since he was 15 years of age. He started out hand delivering packages and is now proud to be a 3rd generation owner.  Happily married with 3 children, he enjoys traveling and spending his free time outdoors. If you look carefully, you might just see him riding his bike down the lakefront.

Vice-President – Sales

Daniel P. Abercrombie has nearly 50 years experience in the graphic arts and allied industry. Starting with Crane Paper mills and later joining Bowne Financial Printing (now part of R.R. Donnelly), Dan has extensive hands-on expertise in both production and account management.

Quality Control Managers:

Edward Craddock has worked at Werner Printing since 1987. Whether its handling material ordering, monitoring inventory levels, or quality control, Ed has over 30 years of experience in the printing industry. In his free time, Ed enjoys volleyball and going on fishing trips.

Ralph Coder has worked at Werner Printing for almost 30 years. He handles online ordering, getting clients setup on the online store, and has a large number of clients. In his spare time, Ralph enjoys spending time with his wife.

Customer Service Department:

Patricia Craddock
Marie Nachtwey
Jim Boyd

Typesetting Department:

Josephine Gerth
Josephine Alvarado

Engraving Department Manager:

Dave Szczepanik

Offset/Letterpress/Thermography Department Manager:

Marc Cieslak

Digital Printing Department:

Eric Craddock
Dustin Martorana