Have a report or book that you need finishing and binding? Werner Printing has the capability to print, bind and ship your project. We have many binding and finishing options, as well as multiple guillotine cutters, scoring, folding, perforation and binding machines for your project. Once your project is completed, we have multiple shipping options to get it where it needs to be.

Finishing Options


• We have multiple guillotine cutters to handle your cutting and trimming needs.
• Our machines are programmable and handle a high volume of orders per day.

Scoring, Folding & Perforation Machines

• For products on a heavier stock that require folding, scoring is highly recommended as it makes breakage along the seam less common, depending on your paper stock of choice and ink coverage.
• For products that need perforation, please note, all perforations must go across the entire sheet and we only do a maximum of two perforations per sheet.


• A die is formed from your specific artwork or requests.
• This die is then used to cut that specific shape into the paper of your choice.
• Die-cutting makes any piece stand-out; from pocket folders to business cards, we can die-cut your project to your specifications.
• We can die-cut on sheets up to 10” x 13”.
Round-Cornering/Angle Cuts/Straight Cuts
• Add more detail to your business card or printed piece by adding, 1, 2, or 4 cuts to the corners with an angled cut.
• Give your project a more classic look with rounded corners.
• Adding cuts to your piece can make your project stand-out amongst the competition.
Saddle Stitching/Corner Stitching
• Our digital press has saddle stitching options. Please discuss specifics with our sales staff.
• Werner Printing can paint the edge of your project (business cards, notecards or invitations) in any PMS color of your choice.
• We edge-paint using a gravity fed airbrush. We also have a compressor-fed airbrush for larger quantities.
• Edge-painting your project can make it more attractive to the eye which will in turn, result in longer possession by your clients or recipients.


• Similar to lamination but is a coating that is applied during the printing process; not after.
• Makes printed pieces last longer.
• Prevents ink from offsetting onto other sheets or onto skin.
• Used for printed items that contain solid color backgrounds.


• Film is applied to the printed item after the printing process.
• Makes the printed item last longer.
• We do offer different types including soft-touch laminations; please discuss specifics with our sales staff.

Assembly Options


• We can make your business cards thicker by using multiple sheets glued together.


• We can make sure all pages in your project are in the correct order.


• We can insert printed pieces into envelopes for mass mailers.


• Folding is either done on the machines or by hand depending on size and quantity.
• Several choices to choose from: single fold, tri-fold, letter fold, fan fold, double parallel fold, French fold and engineering fold.

Bindery Options

Plastic Coil

• Durable and flexible.
• Allows product to wrap around page-by-page.
• Comes in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your project.

GBC Combs

• Excellent for binding books and other documents
• Comes in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your project.
• Durable and flexible
• Allows product to lay flat; GBC combs are also called “lay-flat” combs for this reason.


• We offer chipboard backing in various weights.
• Provides reliable tear-off for each sheet
• NCR padding available


• Heat is applied to a plastic layer causing it to shrink around your printed item.
• This plastic layer provides protection from dirt and keeps items organized.
• The plastic we use is strong and durable; making your order safer during transit and tamper attempts more evident.


• We offer single and three-hole drilling options.
• We offer punching options for coil binding and GBC combs.

Labeling/Header Strips

• We can affix labels to items upon request
• We also affix header strips to the tops of legal pads to create a personalized look.

Index Tabs

• Index tabs organize your information into neat sections.
• This makes the information you are trying to convey more accessible.
• Our finishing staff can insert and collate your tabs into your project before shipping.
• Our index tabs come in a variety of shapes, spacing, sizes and colors; please let a member of our sales staff, provide more information based on your needs.


All items we produce go through our inspection department. Products are examined for quality and accuracy. All orders are packaged either by convenience or to your exact requirements.

Shipping Options

• Werner Printing delivery vehicle.
• Advanced messenger service.
• UPS and FedEx; we can use your UPS or FedEx account number. This way you are directly billed and provided tracking numbers.
• WILL CALL is on our 6th floor for in-person pickup. Our dedicated staff will be available to assist you with your needs during our regular office hours. Please call ahead to confirm your order is ready and confirm whether payment is required.

Binding and Shipping

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