During the Raised Printing or Thermography process, a special powder is added to the printed piece and is then heated. This gives the ink the raised look and feel. The process can be done with any PMS color. Thermography can be combined with many other processes, such as digital printing, foil-stamping, embossing/debossing, and die-cutting. Thermography is more cost-effective than engraving while still providing a tactile feel. We can do raised printing that is compatible with laser printing; this is a process called Permaraise. The process for this is different than Thermography.

Products that commonly use Raised Printing Thermography:

  • Business cards
    Business cards have always been the best way to transfer information and leave your mark on potential clients or contacts. As the old motto goes, you can never make another first impression. Your business cards leave a personal touch in a digital age and can showcase your brand identity as well as the personality of you or your company. Using raised printing on your business cards can give a look and feel that conveys an image of professionalism.
  • Envelopes
    An envelope is the first impression your clients or prospective clients have of your company. A creative design that showcases your company exhibits a higher level of professionalism and attention to detail with thermography.
  • Letterheads
    In the age of digital files and emails, it is imperative to make a quality first impression with a distinguished letterhead. We can print your letterhead with the offset printing process or by digital printing but raised printing will really set it apart from other letterheads.
  • Custom Marketing Materials:
    Brochures, flyers, tri-folds, and so much more can be produced with Thermography. Werner Printing’s services allows for creative design while still providing you with quick turnaround times and reasonable prices.
  • Post Cards
    Custom postcards are a great way to send a customer a quick reminder or send them a notice of a promotion or discount that will really grab their attention.

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