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Werner Printing is a certificate maker with a long history of providing expertise and artistry to creating certificates and diplomas for our customers. Certificates are a great incentive and recognition tool. They are necessary for the expression of attained authenticity. Not only do certificates and diplomas encourage, reward and honor each recipient but they also serve as a lasting example to others of proud affiliation, exemplary achievement, loyal service or hard-earned success. We can use multiple processes to make sure each certificate or diploma stands out for your institution or organization.

As a certificate maker, we have produced certificates and diplomas for companies recognizing individual employees to universities with thousands of graduating students. Werner Printing has made recognizing the people at your organization easy.

Werner Printing is a Certificate Maker with the Right Capabilities

Digital Printing

Werner Printing can print your certificates or diplomas digitally. digital printing allows your certificate or diploma to be printed cost-effectively. You can design your project for CMYK (process color). CMYK offers the widest color spectrum compared to other color formats. This makes colors more vibrant. Dark colors are richer, and you can achieve a wider range of light colors. This process offers a high-quality product since we are able to print at a high resolution. We can also print a high-volume of certificates in various sizes for your needs.

Offset Printing

Werner Printing can also print your certificate or diploma using the offset printing process. Some advantages of offset printing include the wide array of compatible paper options, plentiful available finishing options, and rich colors, as well as the ease and speed of production.

Other Printing Techniques

Werner Printing can enhance your certificate or diploma with other printing techniques such as foil stamping and thermography. Foil stamping is the process by which a heated die is pressed into the foil. This causes the foil to adhere to a variety of papers. Foil stamping offers an added dimension to your certificate or diploma and creates a nicely finished product. We can foil stamp logos, seals and any additional content required.
During the Thermography process, a special powder is added to the printed piece and is then heated. This gives the ink the raised look and feel. This adds a tactile finish to your certificate or diploma. Both of these processes can be combined to really make your certificate stand out from all the rest.

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