Pocket Folders

A custom presentation pocket folder protects documents while showcasing your firm’s logo and brand.
A Pocket folder is a perfect giveaway to prospects and customers. They reinforce an image of quality and business expertise. Prospects and customers instinctively respond to a professional-looking presentation. They make a great impression before the material inside is even reviewed. Once the contents are ready to be viewed, you won’t have to worry about the condition they are in. Not only will pocket folders look great, but they will protect all of the materials that you need to present.

Werner Printing can create custom pocket folders using nearly any design. You can have them die-cut, foil-stamped, embossed, engraved or printed using a wide assortment of stocks and colors. Custom pocket folders can also be created with one or two pockets; both vertical or horizontal. Expanded capacity pocket formats are available to hold more documents. In addition to pockets, 2 sided or 4 sided slits can be added for business cards on either. Werner Printing has a variety of premium options that can be used to make your brand shine.

How to Print your Custom Pocket Folder

Offset Printing

Werner Printing can also print your pocket folders using the offset printing process. Some advantages of offset printing include the wide array of compatible paper options, plentiful available finishing options, fine detail, and rich colors, as well as the ease and speed of production.

Other Printing Techniques

Werner Printing can enhance your pocket folders with other printing techniques such as foil stamping and thermography. Foil stamping is the process by which a heated die is pressed into the foil. This causes the foil to adhere to a variety of papers. Foil stamping offers an added dimension to your pocket folders and creates a nicely finished product.
During the Thermography process, a special powder is added to the printed piece and is then heated. This gives the ink the raised look and feel. This adds a tactile finish to your pocket folder. Whatever your needs are, Werner Printing has the capability and expertise to create a pocket folder for you that will help you stand out from the competition.

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