What is Engraved Stationery and Printing?

The process of engraved stationery and printing creates a raised image that can never be achieved with flat printing. How does Werner Printing achieve this? First, copper plates are etched with the desired image. Once the plates are created, they are locked on to the press. This ensures that the plates will not move while printing. The alignment needs to be perfect for the print to come out correctly. Next, the press operator applies ink to the die. The excess ink is then cleaned off the parts of the plates that do not need the color. This leaves only the image on the copper plate covered in ink. Each sheet of paper is inserted into the machine. The machine presses the ink onto the paper through intense pressure. The result is a beautifully colored, raised image on every sheet of paper creating a sense of depth, elegance, and luxury.

What to consider when using engraved stationery and printing:

Engraved stationery and printing has a high-quality finish. The process is often used for formal communications such as corporate brand identity stationery and correspondence. Engraved printing is a great process for wedding invitation suites as well due to the formal style.
For double-sided pieces, engraving can be done on two sheets of paper that are then glued to each other before they are trimmed. This does create a thicker piece but then both sides can have that elegant tactile finish without seeing an indentation on either side. This is not the most cost-effective method but is a great solution if this is the style you wish to achieve. If having a thicker piece is not your preference, Thermography is also available.

Products that are commonly engraved:

  • Business cards: Werner Printing can create your cards using engraving, foil stamping, thermography, and many other unique techniques to make sure your cards present a lasting impression.
  • Envelopes: Personal stationery, commercial stationery, and custom sizes: Showcase your brand’s identity on the first piece to a potential client. Your envelope’s appearance can ensure that your potential client opens your mail right away rather than toss it aside.
  • Certificates/Diplomas: Create a sense of lasting pride, exemplary achievement, loyal service or hard-earned success with a look and feel that conveys importance.
  • Wedding materials: These are important if you want to share all of the information about your special day. Custom invitations give you a chance to showcase your design and creativity.
  • Letterheads: Your firm letterhead is essential to your business identity as it sets the stage for everything else that follows. Our mix of printing techniques and paper can showcase your firm
Werner Printing Engraved Stationery and Printing

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